Wine Over Water is Tennessee's premier wine-tasting festival. You can sample wines from over 100 world wineries, while you stroll the historic Walnut Street Bridge, which spans the scenic Tennessee river. Built in 1890, it's one of the world's longest pedestrian bridges and was the first bridge to link Downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore. It is also the first non-military highway bridge to cross the Tennessee river. 

Throughout the festival, area restaurants will offer a variety of tasting plates for purchase. Enjoy wine selections from all corners of the globe, while talented regional musicians entertain you with everything from jazz to classic bluegrass.

Friday evening is our premier wine tasting event from Best Cellars and it's held in celebration of our festival sponsors. Sample from 150 exceptional premium wines and enjoy heavy hors o’deuvres and an incredible silent auction. Tickets are available for purchase but this venue is extremely limited and tickets are only available on-line. 




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Our mission: Cornerstones, Chattanooga's only nonprofit Historic Preservation Organization, exists to preserve the architectural heritage and urban fabric of Chattanooga. Cornerstones serves as a catalyst by promoting the importance of restoring the buildings of our past for today's uses, as well as bringing together the resources required to effect such change.

Celebrate 20 Years with 20 Historic Structures. Download our walking tour (PDF).

All proceeds from ticket sales benefit Cornerstones and their historic preservation efforts in Chattanooga. Half of the cost of each WOW ticket is tax-deductible—thank you for your support.


Congratulations Walnut Street Bridge: The Walnut Street Bridge is one of the nationally designated Great Spaces in 2013 by the American Planning Association. One of the key components of being “great” was the place needed to be used and integrated into the community. Cornerstones story of preserving the bridge and then using it for our WOW event for 20 years, was a major factor in this designation. See American Planning Association for more details.


Wine Over Water

Saturday, October 3, 2015 5pm-8pm

2015 WOW tickets go on sale Monday, June 15, 2015

Check-in for patrons will begin at 3:30 at the South Gate and 4:30 at the North Gate. Wine tasting, however, does not begin until 5:00 p.m. This should help ease the crowd and allow access to more wine tents so our patrons don’t have to wait in line to sample and enjoy wine-tasting. We want everyone to have a memorable evening.

Please note that all tickets are Non-Refundable.


Best Cellars

Friday, October 2, 2015 5:30-8:00pm

Held at the Chattanoogan Hotel.

Best Cellars tickets Sponsored by:

 Merrill Lynch



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tasting tips

Evaluating by Sight

Evaluating by Sight

The first thing to do is examine the shade or hue of the wine in the light. Is the wine opaque or transparent? Is it consistently colored throughout, or does it have a lighter rim and a darker core? The intensity of the color of a wine intimates the intensity in flavor you will experience when tasting the wine.

Evaluating by SCENT

Evaluating by SCENT

Now that you’ve given the wine a good look, it's time to take a sniff. Give the glass a swirl. Then bring it to your nose. Don't bury your nose in the glass. Instead, keep it above the glass. Take a series of brief, short sniffs and savour the wine's unique bouquet. Smelling the wine offers you a preview of what you're about to taste.

alt Evaluating by TASTE

Evaluating by TASTE

Once you've seen and sniffed, you're ready to sip. Take a small swig and swirl it around so it coats your entire mouth. In doing so, you hit every taste center, which gives you a true sense of texture. Sommeliers tend to classify the taste in three steps, the initial impression, the evolution and the finish.




For your convenience, click the link below to book local hotels at special event discounts.
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We are pleased to announce that continuous shuttle service will be available for your convenience. Here's what Wine Over Water has arranged for you: From 4pm until 10:30pm a continuous shuttle will depart your hotel approximately every 15 minutes to take you to the event. There's no need to worry about driving and parking downtown!

Or arrangements can be made with transportation services below:

East Ridge Cab 423-629-7304
Mercury Cab 423-654-1084
Millenium Taxi    423-267-2008
United Taxi 423-622-5114
Bell Limousine 423-899-7600


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