More than 200 wines from nearly 100 wineries will be available for tasting on the bridge during the festival. With that many wines, it's smart to have a game plan! We will post the wine list here as soon as it is confirmed in September. In the meantime, brush up on your tasting skills with these tips! 

Click here for the full wine program. 

Here's a preview of the wineries that will be on the bridge: 

One Hope Wines
Palm Bay International
Constellation Brands
The Wine Group
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Delicato Family Vineyards
Biagio Cru
Triple Crown Brokerage Wines
Are Group Wine & Spirits
Avenue Terrior
Great American Wineries
Enovations Brands
Trinchero Family Estates
BNA Wine Group
Prestige Wine Imports
Tennessee Valley Winery
Aveleda Winery
Banks Channel
Southwest Wines
Jam Cellars & Jorge Ordonez
Fess Parker Winery
William Weaver Wine
Michael David Winery
JP Bourgeois
Stella Rosa Wines
Stonehaus Winery
Vintage Wine Estates
Banfi Vintners
Michael David Winery
Schmitt Sohne
Wente Family Estates
St. James Winery
Bronco Wine Company
Gallo Winery
Natchez Hills Vineyard & Winery
Georgia Winery
Kyselela Pere et Fils



The first thing to do is examine the shade or hue of the wine in the light. Is the wine opaque or transparent? Is it consistently colored throughout, or does it have a lighter rim and a darker core? The intensity of the color of a wine intimates the intensity in flavor you will experience when tasting the wine.





Now that you’ve given the wine a good look, it's time to take a sniff. Give the glass a swirl. Then bring it to your nose. Don't bury your nose in the glass. Instead, keep it above the glass. Take a series of brief, short sniffs and savour the wine's unique bouquet. Smelling the wine offers you a preview of what you're about to taste.




Once you've seen and sniffed, you're ready to sip. Take a small swig and swirl it around so it coats your entire mouth. In doing so, you hit every taste center, which gives you a true sense of texture. Sommeliers tend to classify the taste in three steps, the initial impression, the evolution and the finish.